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0-6 weeks?
I received some rather "wonderful" news I guess, my appointment was ok yesterday and as I had thought all weekend while I rode the rollercoaster of pains and calm moments that they would tell me just what they did.....only not quite as much bad news as they did. I can say that the baby is doing well, she's healthy it seems and very fine, I only need to feel her move a little bit each day and all is well so they tell me. I have anywhere between now and 6 more weeks to go before she is born, if my cervix has changed they told me straight up there is nothing that they can/will do about basically hang upside down and cross your legs maybe she'll stay put longer. They didn't bother with an ultrasound of any kind so *tosses her hands up in the air* ok fine I'll trust them but because I am supposedly 34 weeks if I go into labor now even though I am days away from week 35 they will send me to Drammen! Thank you for the inconvience if that should happen, Drammen's further off than Ullevål...*facepalms* for a couple days!!!!!! mind you I appreciate the better safe than sorry approach but FFS! 2 hour commute away from home!!! >.< oh but it gets better not only can they not do anything but I have no choice in method of birthing according to the midwife yesterday! I can argue and present a good reasoning and the doctor can tell me "Sorry but NO" Add to it this week is a real good recipe for stress stew, with pro being out all week long and far from home and likely not getting home til way leaves me home alone, add more to this fun, my car's loosing power on and off think it has to do with the alternator or the belt for it not sure for certain so I could start to drive myself to the hospital and get royally screwed by the car quitting.... so many posibilities.... I will say as billy does "That's for me!!!" Irish luck... *sighs* I am expecting the worst and hoping for the best it is all I can do. They tell me to call anytime at all, if I have pains for an hour or two that won't subside....then tell me they will do nothing for it and ship me off to another hospital likely chosing the one that's even further away still!!!. *headdesk headdesk!!!!!* SO yep I have between now and 6 more weeks before Kelly arrives, ofcourse wouldn't it be a wicked twist if it was Niklas instead? who knows the only thing I have asked is for the small mirical that if she must come let her come at night when Pro is home....that alone will help so very much.....


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