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Family Portrait!

Family Commission
by =JoesephKerr on deviantART


Just a brilliant and wonderful job of capturing the family brilliantly! Its going to be a habit it started with Star, when I commissioned her for a family portrait for anniversary gift when I was still carrying Kelly. I figure once a year at least we will get a family portrait done by an artist, rather than line our walls with photos we'll be lining our den walls with family pictures ^^. Have to get a frame for this today :D I want to start putting these up today.

On a side note, After the Fox comic will be about our family, period. From mom and dad meeting to the birth of both little terrors on up to the present day with the occassional visits from ya'll :D yumi07 of Deviantart ran with the idea that was given to me by Xetsa, of making it a story about us as a family starting from the beginning of us :) and my thought to make the comic into a book at the end of each year, it would make an excellent thing to keep in the family, for them to read it and reaccount things and then maybe a tradition its added to in their own way and thus the story continues :) Brilliant, I honestly don't care if its a "hit" or not its for the girls and us :) and the future generations to enjoy.

ANyrate we'll be off to get shopping done later in the day and I'll be getting that frame, for now thinking more on After the Fox, commissions and idly painting what's hidden in the back of the mind. <33333 the family paintings just brilliant...


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