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Last weekend, current events and Pond hopping
Several things on my mind at once. With my fops coming home and telling me that the flat we have in Olso might be ready earlier we might start that sooner than the 26th which is good and bad, I have set the next couple weeks to be a mixed combination of art and packing, one will suffer the other for a brief bit. Thankfully keeping tabs with my clients every Monday has been one of the best ideas yet, I like it too. I just wish I could be sending them all WIP updates etc at the same time but its just not possible.

Today the Takst office comes by and eyeballs the house then tells us what it is/isn't worth, quite possibly what we have to do to make it worth more. Apart from paint anything of a major renovation is kind of off, seeing that we can't afford much beyond what we presently have. So here is hoping, yesterday's Bank visit was quite pleasant, speaking english with a mother of three was... nice, she understood fully and was brought back to remembering the days where she was in my shoes, chasing the little ones, gathering them up never having that break to just slump in a chair and nap.

This weekend past was nice, I think my favorite things was being out of the house, meeting some new furs. First stop was Etath's Birthday bash where my experimental cheesecake was....looking more like a burnt cookie compaired to the cakes on either side of it. It was still effort placed I never got to try it but its all good, we were very short on time with shopping to be done, a visit to Kal, seeing the location of the flat in Oslo and all the cleaning/preparation in the house to be done in just one day. Etaths was so nice, the Dragon den so cozy and wow the beautiful sculptures! I'm impressed with everything, I was a bit.....reserved with those I didn't know I had no idea of their names, or who they were and no one seemed to really want to talk with me so I did what I do best when a place starts to get crowded with people I don't know, I made myself smaller. A short while later we were off with Nikka complaining that she wanted to go, and onward to the badgers den! Where I was promptly tackle hugged by a fursuited Skarpen! :D Way to feel like a lil kid all over again! followed close behind by Joon! Suited as well! gets the inner child squeeing and the girls estatic about it all. I'm forgetting Dax and his girlfriend back at Etaths, she was suited up and boy did Kelly adore her! So much that when she went to climb out of her suit she pouted and cried terribly! so we went from one suit to a flat with (thinks a second) 4? suits! some cake promptly placed in paws and hugs all around. Insta-melt but then with the "strays" (<3) I have most always been able to calm around and relax, its taken... 4 years? (I think) but I think we're all comfortable enough to say we trust each other and enjoy each others company greatly. Hiding in a corner all happy and content Furble! great sense of humor, friendly, and quite caring. I had to say I didn't feel like he was a new face at all but just another who's always been there. Lots and lots of laughs, bad jokes, terrible humor... for such a short short time.... but then its always too short.... we had to leave, not before I got to snuggle everyone to bits! and meet two more faces on the way out! Aikho, I swear I know you from somewhere somehow XD I can't explain it but it was so nice to meet you. Sarah, I never quite caught the name and I never ask people to repeat themselves more that twice, its an oddity of mine. Still it was nice to meet and greet so many, I wish I could have gotten to know the names to all the faces I saw at Etaths but I was utterly lost.

Current events -
Moving, house goes on market in a couple weeks (less than now), cars get ushered off to be sold,repaired or scrapped. and all loose ends get tied up as best as possible. So moving suddenly, well not planned not something we wanted to do but right now we're trying to keep our heads above the water and in pure survival mode.

Pond Hopping - Every time this subject comes up I can see sadness in eyes, I want to take everyone with me to be honest :( But just because there is a greater distance does not mean that it will be much different! I WILL SEE EVERYONE as often as I can! And look at it this way, you have a definite place to crash when you do hop the pond! But seriously this is the most scarey time, our focus is purely on what must be done. Right now we're looking at barely being able to afford much food on the table, Oslo thankfully will make this not so much a struggle as his company covers half the rental costs of the flat and will enable us perhaps a small chance to save some money before we leave which with any luck... its before winter this year. Its boiled down to not being able to survive, and its difficult for most to see, but a family of 4, its not easy, trust me. It would be different if it was just the two of us but its not. So its nothing against anyone honestly :( just bear with us lets make this all good memories! ^^ and look forward to making so many, many more!

Current events elsewhere - well I'm sure this crytic wording can be understood by those who need to know what this means - I'm so very utterly sorry everyone, I'm a passionate person, fire me up right and I will turn into something you've never saw and its horrific and down right rude and terrifying, I have admitted to this many times, I have apologized for it many times over. I'm just sorry that everyone is somehow caught up in all this, I've spent my life defending myself, I hit a point where I didn't care anymore, I just took the flak for whatever reason it has been fine, but my button pusher has always been attack my family and you'll get fangs first. It still is, but I'm doing best to stay as muzzled as possible, its not worth it, I just hope that this is seen as doing it to prevent any further crap hitting the fan and spraying over onto everyone and not as its been so crudely deemed by some as "fence sitting" As I have said so many times before I don't tell others what to do or think, I value individual opinion and respect it. I won't ever judge, I won't sugar-coat things either, I'm upfront and continue to be so. You can ask me anything I'll answer you straight forward, and if I'm out of line, you can always call me on it and I expect you to when it happens, not wait until its boiled over to something that is difficult to fix or cannot be fixed anymore. In the end all I can say is that I am truly sorry that the tides have swollen this far, I never thought this would happen had I known then I would have bitten my tongue for the sake of the rest. I love you guys, its taken us four years to really get to know each other to what degree we know and we're still learning! But that's what makes a great friendship all the better, you never get bored there's always something more to know and learn about each other and I love the family of friends I have.

Much love and hugs,


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