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I almost never use this place but I find myself more and more cornered these days. At the end of the year I always catch myself reflecting on how things have been, how I think I am as a person..... this perhaps is my reflection time and a chance to just speak my mind freely.

Regardless what others may have to say about me, both good and bad, I think I am a decent person. I am very personal and perhaps this is a downside to myself, but I would rather sit and talk with someone or just hang out and get to know them that way than to read their thoughts or hear what others are saying about them. I guess I kind of hoped for the same thing, at least where possible. In reflecting on myself over the years, I have had a few close calls in life/death, I have managed to survive with min scars. I have been tested and challenged on the job front and in friendships, I think I have endured the best way I can usually put my head down, keep quiet and do what must be done without getting too much griping for it.

I guess right now I'm taking time to sit and write here perhaps more over as a bit of "therapy" for myself. Right now we stand on the brink of extreme change and its quite scarey to be honest, the tides have swelled and given us a good long look at what the future can and will hold for us here. In two weeks we're moving, the house goes on the market and I find myself in what I'm told is a much more diverse area where an english-speaker can find themselves easy to blend in with the rest. I'm not too worried, if anything it brings me closer to more locally there, I kinda look forward to it but I also am reluctant as we'll be moving away from quite possibly our best friend. He's been there to help us thru thick and thin and the first real friend Pro's ever had so I cannot begin to thank him enough for all he's done for all of us. *hugs and love* but its only an hour as opposed to 3! so I suspect we can swipe him away more often than we could when we lived in Fredrikstad. I look forward to being able to poke the others in the area and say HAI THAR! :) Hugs are always a warmed welcome given and received! So come May 26th, the den is moved and a new chapter/short story starts, hoping to make the best of it all!

I think its time I opened, relaxed and just let myself be myself if people want to ridicule me for doing such a thing then that is their objective, not mine. This is my little corner and perhaps the one and only place you can read my unabashed, unbound thoughts, worries, concerns, joys and sorrows all in one. Take it or leave it however you want but at the end of the day, I'm still here. I have friends I love and would do anything for, I certainly am confident that they would do the same for me. Much love to you all, I'm sorry for being so quiet over the years its taken me a long time to come to terms with myself that its ok to speak freely I might not always show it or say it but I do love yas :) <3

One tired momma vix


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