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After the Fox

Musings, rants and doodles of the celtic vixen

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Like Little Diamonds
A new blog for all my sketches, Works in Progress, unfinished thoughts.... Its kinda nice to share them really :D

Where - http://likelittlediamonds.tumblr.com/

Its a good chuckle too especially to those who know where that phrase comes from ;) and in a way its kinda like little hidden treasures, at least to me. Its nice to look back on things and share ideas I have/had with others it could be nice to finish some of them too! I get rather excited about the idea of finishing some of the ones I have posted today for example working with Feralmones again! Yes please :) I have big plans for André and Cherí those pretty foxes with one hell of a sexual appetite. Yep so many plans for the two of them I really want chance and opportunity to work on them especially as I want to make some mini-books with them :3 I won't detail, that's a surprise for much later when the dust of life has settled to a more manageable level :) So excited about that to be honest XD.

So whats new, well for those who read my idle rambling here, if the apartment becomes available at the time they claim (May 16th) then we'll see about moving this week for one reason alone, 4-day weekend to do this in.... has its positives and negatives, but we shall see and then we will know.

What else, nothing much more to really to be said, just that I really want to get caught up on all things, esp art wise as I am getting that terrible itch to want to work on Feralmones again >:3

anyrate, hoping everyone's day is going well ^^