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Wii Fit Plus....
First day working out while Kelly is snoozin, Nikka is getting a kick out of watching me argue with a virtual instructor and groan as I feel the nice burn settling in on the muscles (hey that sounded a bit kinky :P) On the last 5 minutes of a forced 10 minute break (smart buggers tell you when a break is good :) ) So far I've been at it close to 40 minutes, and its simply amazing at how the littlest things really put the burn in the muscle! According to the game on some things I'm insanely fit on :P hurrr hurrr *pokes her belly* We'll see, its just the start, I'm hoping to hear back from my commissioners as to if they are ok with traditional medium or must have the digital....either rate the week is almost out it means Pro will be on vacation soon! YAY! alright times up back to my workout!

Yeah we got one, spoilt ourselves a little but it'll be good fun for all of us :) I got to start an excercise program ^^trying to loose that baby fat I gained despite the game calculating my body weight and wieght to be ideal etc etc I would be happier with a slightly more toned body than this gut I have. Granted sliced muscle twice kinda puts a lil kink in the works I'm determined to get that nice washboard back! Either rate....I have a crazy feeling that this wii thing is going to result in many an inspiration for the "After the Fox" series I have planned, especially tonight, while trying to focus on the flame for Zazen Fops just couldn't resist throwing my concentration off by serving me a glass of Ice Tea in teh buff....ofcourse instant distraction and the candle flame went out! ARGH! but it was worth the ciew ;) Like I said many an ideas will come from this alone I'm sure :D Now I gotta wonder how many controllers that thing can handle at once could be amusing next meet to play around with it :D For now...bed! its way too late, or early >_>

Of watermarks and unfinished ideas
I went back thru today and decided to remove the watermarks and even go as far as to make my art DL-able. Why? why not? *shrugs* I notice that most artists who go hardcore anti-art-theft measures are often faced with more theft than those who allow their art to be DLed and saved and used, and more often than not you see that art reposted else where BUT their marks remain in tact (fine example... Dark Natasha first one to come time mind off the top of my head) Even so most will recognize that artists work a mile off :P *shrugs* I guess I've gotten to the point they must have reached themselves somewhere along the lines. :) If you're not reselling it or making a profit off it, its ok to repost so long as you leave credit where its due, its ok to save it on your HDs :) its an honor and completely flattering if you like it that much. :) Just don't alter it is all we ever ask, don't go around selling it...common sense really and interestingly enough...most respect that.

But at anyrate I was flicking thru my folders and old ideas left unfinshed etc...ALOT and I do mean ALOT! started, sketched, unfinished, abandoned..... I will be saving them to JPG or PNG format and uploading them to the appropriate folder on my DA account.... Maybe some will inspire my creative muse to take up the works and finish them :) who knows I think it could be interesting and fun, I have all kinds of ideas...just barely time to finish them or I lose interest for some reason or another.

On another note... want to see something cute/amusing? its only a temp one but I think its cute and definately a good teaser! visit :) and just wait a second for it to load and play :D best of all NO FLASH :P

The Heart of the Artist
I have been working on uploading my old art to a special folder on DA called "The Dustbin" Interesting enough you can see what kind of "point" was in, in my life.....By December of 2005 just 3 nearly 4 short months after my first marriage you can see the beginnings of the failing, how misery sank in....I am expecting as I continue to upload we'll see it climb back up to a renewed vigor and something greater than ever :) Now if I can only get Nikka to eat and quit climbing on me like a jungle gym! :P ;)

I don't know why just a bit....sad? I was reaching out in my art and never realized it. But that is then, this is now and I couldn't be happier ^^ two beautiful girls and a loving husband :) What more could a vixen ask for?

Ah yes on a serious note....

Watermarks - continue them or to hell with em if someone wants em bad enough they'll take them anyhow won't they? So do away with them? or try to continue to deture them some? Frankly a good part of me says the hell with it :P as long as they're not claiming it theirs and selling it...I don't care :P what do you guys think?

After the fox...
Not only a catchy tune at the beginning of an old movie but also our spot on the web (not .com! MGM has that one I'm afraid) we'll be eventually turning it into our lil corner of the web split into two parts, one for Pro's photography and one for my art.... I guess I'm writing about it again because I really am excited and I guess it beats complaining about my day today *waves down the day waiter and complains that her day is sour and asks for a new one* if only... lets just say its been a real rotten day so far and I am expecting it only to get worse as it goes on. Figure thinking like that right now I cannot be disappointed....*rubs her aching back and goes back to house chores*

So Furry?!?!
Question of the day:

Has anyone heard of!?!

If you have can you tell me what it is exactly? Curiousity...thank gods I'm not a cat :P

Fox Lores!
SWEET I just came across an old file! Containing - A collection of various Fox Lores I had found back when the project was just a thought! Still a far cry from everything I had but that will come in time it was just a rather nice surprise to stumble on them! I thought I had lost everything...

Another day...
Joy of joys another day, while the sun is shining and the sky is blue its rather COLD like early spring or autumn! >_< blasted weather needs to stop doing that!

I'm slowly getting all things tied up as far as resetting things up goes. Yesterday Pro and I got our domain for our opening page :) ^^ ofc we will be putting a small disclaimer at the bottom as it is no way affiliated or related to MGM's After the Fox and provide link. (though it was good movie :D) The idea is to have an opening page that has two different "doorways" to our sites, his being his photography portfolio and mine my art portfolio and perhaps a bit more. I haven't had much time to do research on it but I still want to do Oekaki Boards :) somehow get that in there....or at least a sketching pad for anyone to play around with ^^ I also want to do some tutorials, its a bout due time for a new fur tutorial I think. I might take a poll on what kind of tutorial people would like to see out of me ^^;

As mentioned before I'll be breathing life back into FoxLores eventually as time permits but I don't want to really shout about it until I have everything organized and this time I'm doing it right with some experienced help!

Vulpes Velour - ah the tease of teases this is my own personal project, I still haven't quite figured out on where I am going with it I still say a "Kama Sutra" of sorts :) Wuffie ofcourse had to put the idea in my head to do some art for Furoticon, I just might :P There are alot of things I want to do just little to no time to do them all!

PatchTogether - I might take a poll on this as well, I would really like to design something and see it transformed into something 3D that can be collected but I don't want to just do a random piece of whatever....I would rather perhaps put out a collectable series, maybe one sculpture or so a year? if they were at all popular enough that people would want to collect them...we'll see

I ended up hoping on the bandwagon of Inkbunny but I honestly don't know if I will have enough time to update that, FA, DA, FAP and Artspots! as well as my website and journals if need be....speaking of reminds me I wanted to reserve a blog for gits and shiggles. It migh come in handy later I really love the post at this time and date feature I figure that could come in handy for news and such on the website we'll see.....what I really want is to compile everything more or less into my I really don't need to do all kinda of mad posting here and there maybe just DA and FA and redirect the others to the website or something I honestly have no idea yet...we'll see.

I need to cut this short I'm afraid the girls beckon and demand my immediate attention just sorta writing out my thoughts for the artistic side of my life.


Well my whining lasted about an hour then I seem cursed to slip back to cracking bad jokes and laughing all over again. Point being I couldn't do emo or angst for more than an hour if I wanted to. I get distracted by shiney things :P. But it sure felt good to actually vent my thoughts right that moment!

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